Thunderhorn tries to provide you, our customer, with only the finest products-in function, material, and craftsmanship. The new "Traditional Series" quivers from Thunderhorn offer the best in authentic traditional styling, and reliable performance in the woods or on the range.

All Thunderhorn "Traditional Series" quivers are made with select, genuine leathers, and feature hand stitching and top quality workmanship. Contrasting leather insert pieces, exotic leather (such as snakeskin), laser art, and many other options are available. Our quivers can also be color-matched to your bow for a truly custom look. The arrow clips are modular, or "customer adjustable " to carry from 1 to 6 arrows, and the arrow clip channel is molded from high impact, cold-weather polymer, so it won't rust or bend.

With five different bow quiver models and a hip quiver to choose from, most traditional archers will be able to find a perfect match for their particular bow and shooting style. Let us know the type of wood your bow is made from and we can usually make a match for you.

If you have any ideas to "personalize" your quiver, just give us a call!

Traditional bowhunters can now choose either the original two-piece Thunderhorn "BOA" strap-on quiver or our newest model, the "LINX", a one-piece strap-on quiver.

We designed the LINX to answer the requests of many traditional archers who prefer a bowquiver that remains as a single unit when removed from the bow, with or without arrows in it. The LINX also eliminates the problem of "component drift", or the tendency of the hood and the arrow clip unit of a two piece quiver to migrate up and down the limb as you shoot and/or replace arrows in the quiver.

The LINX utilizes a lightweight, powder coated aluminum bar to connect the hood to the arrow clip unit. A series of adjustment holes will allow the quiver to be customized to fit the bow.

A new arrow clip unit is also being offered, and comes standard on the 1 piece LINX quiver. The new clip is made from lightweight aluminum- powder coated, and is "set back" from the face of the bow, which brings the arrow fletching closer in toward the shooter.

The LINX is available as a 5 arrow quiver with the standard size hood, or the 3-4 arrow "Small Fry" model. A 6 arrow version is available by custom order.

The new LINX bowquiver is light, (8oz.), strong, quiet, and goes on or off the bow extremely fast.

The most versatile model, the 'BOA', is a quick-mount bow quiver utilizing the 'BOA' 'constrictor' strap, which anchors securely to the limbs of nearly any recurve, longbow, or self-bow being made. It can be installed or removed in seconds, without unloading the arrows. All contact points between the quiver and bow are soft rubber, so the 'BOA' will not harm even the finest finish. Simply put, the 'BOA' is quick, quiet and tight - and it looks first-class, too.

The 'TWO-POINT' is a bow quiver designed for any type of takedown bow using a conventional limb-bolt fastening system. Leather covered metal brackets hold the quiver securely in place.

The 'SIDEWINDER' is a side mount bow quiver designed to utilize the threaded bushings already installed in many bow risers-one at the upper end of the riser, and one at the lower end. Or, if you prefer this method of mounting a bow quiver, and don't have the bushings in your handle, your bowyer or another person qualified to do the work may install threaded bushings.

The 'SMALL FRY' is our smaller quiver - a scaled down version of our regular size. This quiver is functional and good looking, made to hold 1-4 arrows, depending on how you space the clips. The 'SMALL FRY'  is available in the 'BOA', 'TWO-POINT', and 'SIDEWINDER'.

The 'BANDOLERO' is a traditional styled hip quiver, finely hand crafted, with a great deal of attention paid to the small details that affect form and function.