Duane Jessop has been a traditional archer since 1956. His love for archery was born when his father gave him a bow and some cedar arrows - at the "ripe" age of one. He has been influential in the archery circle and has passed this love on to many - being a National Bowhunter Education Instructor since 1984, instructing/advising local schools, camps, and scouts and a past area representative for the Montana Bowhunters Association.

A hard-core bowhunter since 1974, Duane has the utmost respect for nature and animals, and has taken well over 100 big game animals with his bow, including whitetail and mule deer, elk, bear, and mountain lion.

Duane had a dream to own an archery shop. While making a living in the construction trade in 1975, this dream became a reality. He opened up his first archery shop - a small closet in his home. Living at the edge of the Selway-Bitterroot Wilderness, and with this mountain range being so much a part of his life, the name of Selway Archery was chosen. The archery shop grew from building custom arrows and selling a few shooting gloves to a full-scale retail archery business. The shop expanded from the closet to a building along Highway 93, just north of Hamilton. Duane was considered a traditional archery expert, with an excellent local reputation.

The business gradually expanded, and Duane took on a business partner in 1988. By 1989, Selway Archery was one of the nicest small dealerships in the northwest, with seven 25-yard indoor shooting lanes, five major bow lines, and complete service and repair for all bows. During this time Duane developed the first interactive video shooting system in the country, with a working model in the Selway Archery retail store.

During the next three years, Duane developed several new and very innovative archery products. The decision was made to close down the retail store and concentrate solely on the manufacturing of these products, which included:
- Custom takedown recurve bow cases
- Custom Youth Recurves
- Video shooting system
- Selway "Stick Quiver" slide-on model bow quiver
- Selway "Stick Quiver" Limb-bolt model bow quiver
- Selway hip quiver
- "Limbsaver" bowstringers for longbows and recurves

In 1993, Duane sold out his interest in Selway Archery to his partner, and started his new company, Thunderhorn Manufacturing. Currently, Duane is still coming up with new ideas for bowhunters and archers. Some of these products are:
- The "Step Saver", a treestep carrier
- "Polar Paw", a cold weather hand/riser warmer
- Thunderhorn "Coup Stick", a revers handle, reflex-deflex longbow
- Thunderhorn "WhipperSnapper", a kids bow
- Thunderhorn line of custom leather hip quivers and quick mount bow quivers
- The "Superstringer", a no-twist stringer for longbows and recurves

Duane Jessop
1256 Bowman Road
Hamilton, MT 59840
Phone/Fax: 406-961-2449